Hi I’m Andy Vickers, and welcome to my own little patch of internet real estate!

So anyway – here’s a little about me…

Born a child of the 80’s. I lived with the generation that had the best toys, the greatest cartoons and the last generation who’s childhood wasn’t broadcast on social media.

Along with my Twin Brother and Sister I navigated the generation that lived in the world in-between – on one side a world where technology was barely existent and on the other a world where children are born with an iPad in their hand. We grew up with active imaginations, building worlds in our heads and bringing them to life with Lego bricks and Meccano. We played outside, we rode our bikes for miles without worry, we didn’t have computers until we were almost teenagers.

I’ll always say I grew up with a silver spoon in my mouth – not because my family were materially rich, we weren’t, but because we had two parents that loved each other and who loved us. It was not until I was much older I realized how much of a rare gift that was. Having a family that fuels your creativity and imagination and is proud of your successes and helps uplift you when you fall gave me the greatest start in life possible.

My 3D Printer Building Niece

I’ve ended up a long way from where I was born in Sheffield, a city in northern England ..now living in the North East USA but my roots are dear to me. I’ve grown older, but I love my family. My twin brother is one of the most practically ingenious people I know (half of my twingenius). My sister is very creative and gives sage advice. I have nieces now. One of which built her first 3D printer when she was only two years old!

My day job has me leading teams of exceptional people in the IT industry through various manufacturing industries. https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrew-vickers-b940a369/

My hobby life is one of building things for the challenge. I enjoy creating 3d printers and printing technologies, robots, games, software, electronics. My drive is always to learn and understand things I couldn’t before. Many people have helped me along the way. I love to learn from others, and love to help others in turn.

I hope you enjoy reading about some of my projects and learnings. I started to write this blog because I realised that if you have good ideas and learn something then its selfish to keep it to yourself. Besides – what proof is there that you have ever done anything worth doing if you don’t share it with the world? The internet is a great place to keep a record forever of moments you wish to share (and some you don’t >_< ).