QuickBuild Benchtop CNC Enclosure for less than $350 – coolant ready

This is a blog post to support the quick build video showing how I built an enclosure for my Taig benchtop mill. I used commonly available parts from local hardware stores. The list of items I used is below the video.

YouTube Video

Parts List

Scroll right to see the links to the items.

StoreForDescriptionQtyPrice TotalItem#
StoreForDescription Qty Price  Total Item#Link
LowesFrame2-in x 4-in x 8-ft 6 $10.27 $ 61.62468930Severe Weather 2-in x 4-in x 8-ft #2 Prime Pressure Treated Lumber in the Pressure Treated Lumber department at Lowes.com
LowesFrame4-in x 4-in x 6-ft 2 $13.27 $ 26.54468950Severe Weather 4-in x 4-in x 6-ft #2 Pressure Treated Lumber in the Pressure Treated Lumber department at Lowes.com
LowesFrame2x2x8″6 $3.98 $23.8845132-in x 2-in x 8-ft White Furring Strip in the Furring Strips department at Lowes.com
LowesSidesWhite Wall Panel1 $32.61 $ 32.618566https://www.lowes.com/pd/48-in-x-8-ft-Embossed-White-Wall-Panel/1000174771
LowesLight3′ Shop Light1 $16.98 $  16.982592123Utilitech 3-ft Cool White LED Linear Shop Light in the Shop Lights department at Lowes.com
LowesDrainSink tailpipe1 $2.98 $2.9824628Keeney 1-1/2-in Plastic Sink Tailpiece in the Under Sink Plumbing department at Lowes.com
LowesDrain1-1/2-in Plastic sink Plug1 $7.28 $7.2824623Keeney 1-1/2-in Plastic Po Plug in the Under Sink Plumbing department at Lowes.com
Home DepotSealingClear Silicone Sealant1 $6.77 $6.77362646GE Advanced Silicone 2 10.1 oz. Clear Exterior/Interior Window and Door Sealant-2708920 – The Home Depot
Home DepotDoor SliderAluminum Trim Channel1 $ 12.84 $12.84229347https://www.homedepot.com/p/Everbilt-3-8-in-W-x-1-2-in-H-x-48-in-L-x-1-16-in-Thick-Aluminum-Trim-Channel-800167/204604759
Home DepotDoor HandleSatin Nickel Wire Drawer Pull2 $ 3.16 $ 6.32408767https://www.homedepot.com/p/Liberty-4-in-102mm-Center-to-Center-Satin-Nickel-Wire-Drawer-Pull-P604BCC-SN-C/203244366
LowesSides30-in W x 36-in L Clear Acrylic Sheet2 32.98 $65.9611233https://www.lowes.com/pd/OPTIX-0-08-in-T-x-30-in-W-x-36-in-L-Clear-Acrylic-Sheet/3179381
LowesDoors36-in W x 48-in L Clear Polycarbonate1 $79.98 $79.98239982LEXAN 0.093-in T x 36-in W x 48-in L Clear Polycarbonate Sheet in the Polycarbonate & Acrylic Sheets department at Lowes.com
     Total  $343.76  

Jarvis – Nasa know what they are doing right?

Nasa are sort of the authority on robots for me considering the blast the things out into space at a million miles an hour, and land them in a spec in the nights sky and have them run around foreign worlds for years on end. Gotta respect that.

Nasa and other robots utilize a suspension system called Rocker – bogie where the wheels pivot in a specific arrangement and this allows the payload to stay stable despite large motions in their wheels.

The curiosity rover is one such robot and there are many more. Like Artemis SR (Artemis Sr – Canada.ca (asc-csa.gc.ca)). Or the 8 wheel robotic platform from SumoBoy (8 wheel robotic platform – YouTube)

My question to myself is, can I make a rocker bogie robot where my wheel pairs act as the bogie and they pivot around something that connects them? so I can reuse many of my parts but iterate my design to incorporate the new suspension arrangement. It would allow me to make my robot narrower (turn easier, look cooler) and it would allow me more ground clearance.

The answer is true, but it took a lot more design work than I care to admit. Below you can see my design so far but this design took me a month to get to the point where I felt I was happy enough to show it off. It actually involved learning some concepts in Fusion 360 like bend forming ((1) Sheet Metal Modeling In Fusion 360 – YouTube) and joints.

In the next blog article I am going to show you how I got some of these parts made in metal, right now they are on their way to me and I am excited to show you more.