Jarvis – Drive Train Part II

Now I have my wheels I can refine my design a little. Being able to hold them in my hand gives me a feel for how they attach, and their weight distribution. I refined my wheel hub and added some supports in the middle to keep my pulleys upright and also ordered some components to help me build my axels.

Flipping over the hub you can see where I mounted a stepper motor. Stepper motors do not make good motors for robots but I have a kabillion laying around from all the time spent in 3d printing so why not use them until I can settle on something better.

And so I connected the stepper motor to a driver and step generator and …. it works! tada!!

If you are interested in the components to drive the motor, you can grab them here:

Oak-Pine 3D Printer 42CH Stepper Motor Driver Shield Expansion Board DRV8825/A4988 UNO R3(Black)

DC 5-12V/15-160V Stepper Motor Drive,PWM Adjustable Stepper Motor Controller Signal Generator Speed Regulator

I have everything connected to a meanwell 12v PSU in this instance.

Excuse my lunch making a guest appearance

This is a milestone for me. My belt arrangement worked, my tires move and everything fits!